Light and Warmth: The Sun Chariot

Blue of the most excellent blog The Blue Remembered Hills commented onthe sun chariot in the tympanum of Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry. In mythology chariots, asymbol of wealth and power were believed to carry the sun across the heavens from East to West. The Trundholm sun chariot dates from the Nordic Bronze Age. Foundin Denmark it depicts a mare pulling a chariot with a large disk representing the Sun. In Greek mythology Helios was a young man wearing a radiant halo driving the sun chariot and four winged horses as seen on the red-figurepottery. He brought light and warmth to mortals and because he was all seeing he provided information to the immortals. Helios' horses breathed fire; English poet, painter and printmaker William Blake 1757-1827 shows God and a Chariot of Fire in God Judging Adam.