Lucky Seven: The Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Lynda at Elegance Reclaimed for nominating me for Kreativ Blogger Award. You can catch her excellent blog at: / And now for the seven required items that you may or may not know about me:

1. I grew up in Mill Valley, California.
2. My father's family were oil field workers in Bakersfield. They had colorful names: Tinker, Red, Blackie, and Wink. If I'm having a bad day I think of them.
3. My mother's family worked on farms in Sacramento. They were all named after Saints.
4. I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and studied art history.
5. I lived in Coconut Grove, Florida briefly when I was married also briefly.
6. I love listening to Fado music especially in Portugal.
7. I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip to Paris with my dear friend Kirk.

Even more daunting than revealing seven aspects about myself was selecting the seven blogs to nominate for Kreativ Blogger Award. These have all amused and informed me and if you are not already familiar with them please look them up:
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