Celtic Revival: William Butler Yeats' Siblings

After the poston William Butler Yeats, Connor Fennessy reminded Porcelains and Peacocks of Yeats’brother the artist Jack Butler Yeats (1871-1957). In addition to his brother being one ofthe major Irish painters of the twentieth century W.B.'s two sisters were alsotalented. Elizabeth Corbett Yeats (1868-1940) who had been a part of William Morris’ circle in London foundedthe Cuala Press in 1908. Originally started by Evelyn Gleeson who named it Dun Emer the press provided job training foryoung woman in arts and crafts. Lolly Yeats as she was called oversaw the book binding and printing while her sister Susan Mary Yeats (1866–1949) anembroiderer, dealt with theneedlework section. Lily as the other sister was known had worked for Morris' daughter May Morris. The sisters were a part of the Celtic Revival promoting the growth of Celtic art and traditions. Their brother Jack contributedillustrations to the press. He isbest known for his Expressionist oil paintings beginning in 1920. Like his siblings he chose to depict his Irish heritage through his art: its landscape and its people.