Hamams and Harems: The Occidental and Oriental Worlds

The exquisite blog Little Augury has a new banner showing the Portrait de Monsieur Levett et Mademoiselle Glavani Assis Sur un Divan en Costume Turc by Jean-Étienne Liotard. Liotard (1702 -1789) was a Swiss-French painter who often chose occidentals in oriental dress as his subject. In Woman in Turkish Costume in a Hamam instructing her Servant he depicted two Turkish women. The hamam was the Turkish bath, a popular theme in western art along with the harem. Giovanni Antonio Guardi's (1699 - 1760) Harem Scene creates a Venetian idea of a seraglio and its inhabitants. One woman was able to elevate herself from the harem. Roxelana, Hürrem Sultan (1510 - 1558) became the legal wife of Süleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire. An anonymous artist shows her in a sixteenth century painting. The portrait of Süleyman is attributed to Venetian Tiziano Vecelli (1490-1576) and his workshop.