21 May 2010

The Beautiful Blogger Award: To Read, To Write and To Explore Together

Thank you Little Augury for nominating Porcelains and Peacocks to the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD. I am honored as I greatly admire her esoteric musings. In return I would like to name these seven beautiful blogs that I regularly visit.
  • http://babylonbaroque.wordpress.com Snotty opinions and a fondness for excess
  • http://thebluerememberedhills.blogspot.com A dilettante interior design historian and decorator
  • http://chintz-of-darkness.blogspot.com A celebration of dark decorating and other diversion
  • http://diamondsandrhubarb.blogspot.com Jewelry Brand Specialist, Design/Identity, Jewelry/Accessories
  • http://silentstoryteller.typepad.com/blog A collection of stories that inspire and amuse
  • http://le-style-et-la-matiere.blogspot.com Interiors, art, objects, elegance
  • http://vanessabrunner.wordpress.com tea & crumpets
These writers are encouraged to share seven of their favorite reads.


  1. Dear Kendra,
    I'm truly honoured to have been nominated by you, and included in a list of such inspiring blogs.
    Eilis Boyle
    Silent Storyteller

  2. Eilis~ You are most welcome! Kendra

  3. Kendra, seems like it is awards season! posted this yesterday for you. pgt


  4. My goodness! I see that you did not get my early morning message. Congratulations to you, Kendra, your blog is always beautiful. As I said to you this morning, thank you so much. I have just had a case of blogger's blues, so this was a lovely surprise!

  5. PGT~ Thank you again for the honor. I admire your blog for always celebrating the uncommon in a world where everything is becoming all too common.
    Gretchen~ Thank you for your kind words. I received your first message but was having formatting problems with my first post!

  6. Kendra, thank you for choosing me for your list - I am thrilled! I responded on my blog to your "good reads" but sidestepped the list of seven other bloggers - I didn't mean to offend by doing so it was just that I had a hard time reducing the list to seven and a number of them have done it already, if I remember correctly.

    Your list is very interesting and I am going to follow up on it. As I've said before, I like your blog a lot.


  7. Barry~
    I actually broke the "rules" also by not telling seven personal facts about myself. I loved your sidestep. Have a great weekend with the Celt.

  8. Congrats! It is good to see a recipient from the antique trade honored. Good for you.

  9. Author~ Thank you so much! Best, Kendra

  10. It is always fascinating to watch blog "cross-pollination" in action. To see who reads whom. And, of course, so much fun to find new bloggers who share similar world views as yours.

  11. HBD~ I agree, it reminds me of the scribes in the monasteries creating the illuminated manuscripts. They were copying the gospels but each was influenced by their on experiences which they shared with the community. Best, Kendra

  12. Lovely musings, peacock images of course perfection, thank you

  13. As I have read more of your older posts, I am honored that you are fond of my own.

  14. Hi Leonard~ I loved your posting on the Crystal Palace Park Ruins. Best, Kendra


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