The Beginnings of German Modernism: The Munich Secession

Before there was the Vienna and Berlin Secession there was the Munich Secession. Formed in 1892, this diverse artistic movement rejected the traditional Academic Art of the time and broke away from the crowded exhibition style of the nineteenth century. In Munich Secessionism the beginnings of twentieth century Modernism can be seen. It also introduced a modern way of presenting art where paintings were shown against a light wall and hung at eye level with space between them. Tyrolean born Leo Putz (1869-1940) joined the Secessionists and painted in an Impressionistic style that helped lead the way to Expressionism as shown in his en plein air Summer Dreams. Oskar Zwintscher (1870 -1916) painted with Symbolist starkness in The Dead Man by the Sea. Impressionistic painter and illustrator Max Slevogt (1868 - 1932) was best known for his landscapes but provides us with a figural study in The Wrestling School. Images are from The Munich Secession and America.