Beauty and the Beast: The Art of Adrienne Ségur

Recently the enchanting blog, Babylon Baroque posted the author's favorite set of books from his childhood. He recalled how My Book House provided solace and that the illustrations by American Donn P. Crane still delight him. Like the mysterious Crane, little is known about French illustrator Adrienne Ségur (1901-1981). The daughter of French writer Nicolas Ségur and Greek mother Kakia Anastase Diomede Kyriakos, she married Egyptian poet and thinker, Munir Hafez (1911-1998). Despite this cosmopolitan background, the beautiful artist chose to surround herself with unpretentious animals as companions. These beasts inspired many of her illustrations of the 1950's and 60's. Ségur is especially remembered for her renderings of fairy tales including The Snow Queen and Other Stories, The Fairy Tale Book, Hans Christian Anderson the Red Shoes and My Big Book of Cat Stories. Like Crane her works continue to delight the eyes of the one time children who first viewed them.