28 January 2011

Alchemy with Antiques: 3D Magazine February 2011


  1. Great title...I love the mix of old and new. I will look for the mag here; don't know if it's available in Australia.

  2. Thank you Alaine, I'm not sure if we are distributed in Australia but you can check out our website http://calhomesmagazine.com. Best, Kendra

  3. Many thanks, Kendra, I've bookmarked the site. Love the magazine!

    I had a 12" version of the white statue in the bathroom of the Magic on Nob Hill article sitting on my bath for decades until it started to break up! Of course, it wasn't marble!!

  4. Whoops, Alaine, I gave you the website of the other magazine I write for; must be my head cold. The site of the magazine above is www.sfdesigncenter.com/pubs/3Dmag/news_3Dfall08.html.

    I love how your white statue started to break up, beauty is ephemeral. Best, Kendra

  5. I thought this was a great article and I had this open on my desk. Well written and timely, insightful.
    Best, P


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