Enjoying the Five Senses: The Stylish Blogger Award

Kelly T. Keating, of the extremely stylish blog The Great Within, www.thegreatwithin.org has honored Porcelains and Peacocks with the Stylish Blogger Award. In response the honoree must tell seven aspects of themselves and favor ten other bloggers with the award.

In lieu of seven items, I offer five images that stir my senses:
Sight: James McNeil Whistler, Nocturne en bleu et argent
Sound: Tim Buckley, Goodbye and Hello
Taste: Vinho do Porto
Smell: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Mimosa
Touch: David Lynch, Blue Velvet

For symmetry I've listed five stylish blogs that I enjoy. They are in random order:
1. It's About Time http://bjws.blogspot.com
2. Designed Squared http://ashfieldhansendesign.blogspot.com
3. A Discourse on the Arts and Sciences http://www.adiscourseontheartsandsciences.net/blog
4. Art Inconnu http://www.artinconnu.com
5. A Journey Round My Skull http://ajourneyroundmyskull.blogspot.com

For a more complete list of my stylish blogs please check out Fine Plumed Friends.