31 July 2011

In Black and White: My New Web Site

I consider myself an accidental writer. Having worked in the interior design industry for twenty-five years selling and marketing the esoteric and exquisite, I have seen it all change in the last few years. Now that much of what was special has been replaced by cartoonish mediocrity, I have turned to writing about what I still find unique about interior design. Please view a selection of my writings on my new website, www.kendraboutellwriter.com.


  1. Carole Carbonella15 August, 2011 07:38

    Dear Kendra, brilliant is all I can say. I did look at the writer website a few days ago and have been trying to find the words and the time to tell you how Impressed I am at your abilities and your insights. These words "cartoonish mediocrity" say it perfectly, where we have landed.

    I look forward to all you have to say to remind us of this gigantic misstep in attitude to all that is precious in the craft and art of interior design. Brava! CCC

  2. Superb! Loved the look, the presentation, and...Bad Girl Diamond! OMG Only you could write that, and it is beautifully written as well as completely insider delicious. Should be made into a book, then movie. Congratulations! Warmly, Philip.


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