10 November 2011

Change and Transformation: Autumn in Art

Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.
Faith Baldwin
The vivid colors of Autumn's foliage and harvest have inspired many writers and artists. Belgian painter and decorative artist, Xavier Mellery (1845-1921) depicts leaves as women dancing through air catching on a spider's web. Autumn is also portrayed as a woman by Polish-Armenian artist Teodor Axentowicz (1859-1938). She lies languorously in a bed of leaves covered by cobwebs and supported by a mischievous fawn. In The Tuileries Garden a marble term of Vertumnus, the roman god of seasons, change and transformation hides amid the leaves ready to seduce Pomona the goddess of fruitful abundance.


  1. These are the illustrations to go with my pondering today - hair and webs. What a surprise! and beautiful too.

  2. gésbi~ I so agree! Best, Kendra

  3. Hello,
    I meant to respond sooner, life has been escalating beyond my control it appears.
    Lovely images a usual, particularly the spiderwebs, make me miss home, I rarely see spiders in LA.
    Wishing you a bountiful day of Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Len, I hope all is well with you, your human and animal families. I have always loved the Xavier Mellery image of the women and the spider web. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. xo, Kendra


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